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Experience up an hour in direct care with our Doctor in Holly Springs - for a personalized approach to eye care. We take an integrative, functional approach - relating eye health and body health. In addition to a fully comprehensive eye exam, we discuss all possible options to improve your eye health & vision for the future. From dietary improvements or nutritional supplements, therapies to improve eye/brain coordination, special lenses to fix double vision, and more. We specialize in seeing pediatrics (infants from 6 months old, children to adolescents) in addition to improving the vision of adults. Many patients see us for more support such as eye tracking, eye movement and working the eyes together as a team. We specialize in Vision Therapy for adults and children. Whether its headaches from a concussion, a child experiencing an eye turn/strabismus, or children having reading and learning difficulties in school, we are here to transform our patients lives.
Come in and see us for a functional vision evaluation, which is a set of thorough, in-depth tests designed to accurately diagnose complex eye problems. Our lenses are premium quality, and already include extras that are typically optional (e.g. blue light protection). Our adult frames are routinely rotated with the latest fashion - from big brands to small gems that are made with purpose - All of which are hand-chosen by our Doctor - enabling a great selection for all budgets. Our children's range are strong, flexible and practical - a fun set of frames hand picked by children too! Contact Lens orders are seemless!