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Founded in 2009, Lewis and Associates Capital Advisors, LLC (LACAL) provides commission free investment wealth and fiduciary advisory services.

One core fundamental that separates us from most Firms is that we do not support a buy and hold approach to asset management. But rather we take a more active management approach. For example, an active management approach may mean that selling equities during volatile sessions, such as during the early stages of Covid-19, would have taken place....and they did.

Another core fundamental that we exercise is our close watch on the 11 Sectors and their relative Industries within the SP 500 (there are 88). In 2009, it was clear that Health Care was the Sector of choice. It was not unusual for our portfolios to carry a weighted average exceeding 37% in this Sector. The same for the Sector Information Technology in 2017 where our weighted average exceeded 44%. Not all Sectors are going to perform the same year in and year out so it is imperative to move in and out as the Sectors move in and out in order to optimize returns. This is active management.

The bottom line is that we attempt to minimize our clients' linear losses while working to attain a greater geometric (logarithmic) return.


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